Safe Landing

Concept of the game

This game inspired by the animation movie “UP”.  The windmill blows the float house tied up with a bunch of balloons moving to the direction. The player has to pop the balloons to keep the house floating diagonally to the right bottom empty ground while avoiding hit the hills on the bottom or take away by the storm on the top of the screen.

Reason for making this game

I was amazed by a cool combination of Processing can make graphics and animate it, it also can process complex algorithms. Inspired by the plots in the animation movie “UP”, I decide to make the game which it has a nice graphic design and some math and physics calculation The fascinated part about programming is that I’ve learned is that you can create your own force. You create how you want to manipulate the dynamic movement.

After research, I didn’t find any similar game and the left-right game is a bit harder to create than the top-down view. But, I want to test on more complicated object controlling. The windmill speed effects the house velocity toward the right screen. Players can select the speed of the windmill to adjust how fast they want the balloon house floating toward the play zone. Through popping the balloons to control the balance the gravity and float force.

The User’s Experience, Step by step

When the player opens the processing file, they will see a similar image like the example above. On the left top corner has speed display. On the left bottom corner has instruction telling players that they could press key “a” or “d” control the speed of the mill. When the windmill starts to spin, it will blow the balloon house toward the arrow line direction.

I would add another instruction on the right top corner, a layer above the dark blue storm. It tells the player to pop the balloons by left click the mouse. If the player didn’t click the mouse, the balloon house will float to the right and hit the storm crash down( or swirling away by the storm).  To be able to keep balloon house float avoiding hit the barriers, the player has to pop the balloon with certain quantity along how fast pop the balloon to keep the balloon house landing on the right bottom ground safely.

If the balloon house hit any barriers, it crashed or swirl away. The players need to refresh the game to be able to restart(try it again).  I created a logic map to help me program.

Programming Roadmap

Final Project Flowchart

Comparison To Commercial Software and opportunities for enhancements:

There are some gravity games on the app store or another mini-game site. Like Miniclip spaceship safe landing gravity game, and one popular paid game on the app store is called “gravity guy”. These two games have slightly different, spaceship game by using left and right arrow keys to rotate the direction of the spaceship, and up/top key to thrusting the spaceship. The spaceship needs to move around the planet to land the assigned spot. If it takes a long time or hit the few times of the planet, it is game over. The collision idea is a bit similar to mine. And the gravity guy game is non-stop running, depends on you flip the runner on the solid road object be able to continue the game. Otherwise, you will fall and that’s game over. There is one part,  it has a slow motion that I don’t quite get the reason why it needs it. Basically, the runner has to run fast to get rid of the chase behind him. So this game is a pretty simple way to control the object but definitely, have great 3D animation drawing and intense game plots.

My advantage is there isn’t any game quite like mine based on my research so far. But here are some few thoughts on my “sugar code list”:

  • Make a random cloud in the restraint area, animate them looking like moving or floating left and right. The purpose of doing this is to enhance the challenge for control the balloon house avoid swirling by the storm. I can add flash in the storm if I have time. So the player has to be cautious not hit by the flash too.
  • I could also add acceleration into the gravity function that it could make the game looks more realistic.
  • I could also add other objects like a bird flying in the sky. Player has to avoid the bird strikes. Maybe using keypress to add random birds flying randomly to add the difficulty into the game.


Project Information

Timeline: 2 weeks

Tools: Processing

Type: Individual (Course project)


*featured image retrieved from:

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