Mobile App Design: Reward Pocket

Reward Pocket Showcase Poster

About the project

The mobile app “Reward Pocket” to set you free from all physical storecards in one hand! Be the one who is on top of the game with the power to record receipts, track your orders, set reminders of due dates, and be the first to learn about special offers!


According to user research, customers want to slim down their wallets with fewer cards, not worry about missing a due date, and keep track of their receipts. Nowadays, every brand uses customer loyalty program as its marketing strategy so that the customers have multiple rewards or membership cards carried around in their wallet. It became a burden for them to carry the dozen of the physical card, check offers from different channels, or miss the expiration date.

On the retailer end, aggregating user data, including purchase histories and distributions, across brands can bring new insights. This research can then be leveraged for providing better and more targeted consumer experiences.

Target Audience/Persona

To better gauge the target audience’s needs, I focused on 3 representative key users:

Jill Persona

Travis Persona

Tiffany Persona

Information Architecture

Information architecture


Function Highlight

1. No unnecessary landing page

Let the users enjoy using the app first, no waiting for the app to log in! Inspired by Tony Fadell (iPod designer) as a ready to use concept.

Two layouts for the user’s preference and easy-to-search brands and recommendations frequently added.

Home Page Demo.png

2. Never miss the expiration date + Never forget to bring the receipts 

It’s hard to track every expiration date for your piles of membership cards, even worse to miss the due dates of your billings! After adding the card, the user can edit the details and set an alert for the important dates.

Do you ever experience forgetting to bring the receipt when you return something at the store? Reward Pocket allows recording of emailed receipts or snaps a picture of the receipts so you will never be in that awkward situation again!

Card Details

3. Your data is always with you  

The app will automatically assign an ID for the user once he/she opens it so he/she can skip the log in process. Later on, the user can register with his/her email or other social media account. In this way, the user would always have his/her data even he/she changes the phone. Reward Pocket also has touch ID function avoiding password input every time when the user logs in.


Behind the scene

Type: Individual (Rapid Prototyping)

Timeline: 5 days (Aug 2019)

Tools: Sketch, InVision, Adobe Photoshop

Style Guide

I assembled all color swatch, shadows, font, and font size that I would use across this project. Setting the accent into a library, it helps my design process at high speed.

StyleguideTypography DarkTypography Light



Roughly sketched on my notebook then transfer to the digital version for later reference.

Wireframe Assemble

Prototype in inVision 

Note: This prototype is designed based on iPhone X screen size (375*812px).

Reward Pocket_iphonex_mockup






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