Low Poly Graphic Design

“Triangle” is one of my favorite shapes. It is one of the most stable and versatile shapes can be used making 3D mesh objects.  While we are getting used to seeing in the 2D graphic design, and it’s interesting how designers are increasingly using 2D making a unique design style.

First, I pick a high-resolution background picture. It will help you define the details, especially the color transaction in the original image into your canvas.

Second, larger the triangle is that more “blur” of your drawing object it. You get higher image quality by minimizing the size of your triangle. So from this work, I chose the larger triangle for the background and smaller triangle for the fox. The style could be different that you don’t have to use the same size of triangle or layout it upside down by each one.

Third, symmetry is a good component to consider in your low poly artwork. Do you want the object symmetry like a mirror effect? Or you want to create different size, intensity, randomly layout to create an abstract effect?

Fourth, except the well-detailed pops up an image like the fox one. It would be used in a flatter form – a dimension lines to create motion, depth or a space illusion.

The low poly art style is derived from illustration. People are using it for the photograph were blended with natural and detailed imagery, digital graphic design, Logo design, package design, etc.



There is also a diversity of low poly art design. I’d like to share some of my works. I hope this would give you some inspirations.


The full image of random triangles




Swirl – Partial Low Poly


Dynamic Low Poly Frame


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