Personal fabrication


How designers to design with all subversions, how much freedom give the user to personalize fabrication, and which parameter is fix and adjustable. It’s good to give people the freedom to create and test out their ideas since many fabrication tools are more available on the market and price-friendly. Even though people can access fabrication tool, that doesn’t mean the final product will easily pass the quality supervision. My company designs website, through my research that I found digital innovations such as multi-devices manipulation (, and the future website would take users on a fully immersive experience with natural interaction(

GE chief economist Marco Annunziata said we are moving into the industrial internet era after the industrial revolution and the internet revolution. It’s the marriage of our physical world and digital world creating the IoT world. As sensor market open up to more cheaper and user-friendly stuff, it allows people to create more IoT things along with other newly personal fabrication as a 3D printer. As my personal hobby, I made banana connecting with my Arduino board, it will send data while I am touching the banana(or other objects with alligator jump wire). Through the Arduino board, I can programming different interaction by an open-resource library like changing image or play music when I touch the object. Or I can use conductive tape or conductive pen to connect electronic circuit to make a prototype for some electronic gadgets( see image and video).

Many fabrications were made through manufacturing, while economic is shifting from state-run to more personal start-up. And special needs from the government toward personalized product or commodity demands. The potential of personal fabrication would getting even more prevalent. Here is an interesting article about the smart thread( I think one day, people would use an iPad to change the color of your clothes and feel the fabric texture on the screen.

Banana project:

Paper Electronic:

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