Fair Wheel on the water bank

This is my very first programming work that it was written in Processing. Processing is a software sketchbook and open source computer programming language for electronic arts, new media art, and visual design communities written in Java by Casey Reas and Benjamin Fry, both formerly of the Aesthetics and Computer Group at the MIT Media Lab. I used an image from Creative Common as below and wrote in Processing. It became a cartoony interactive artwork.




I added a few objects to interact with other functions, such as cursor moving, mouse press, mouse click, and drag, etc. Here is a demo and I will explain more down below:



I set up the main class for basic public setting and functions, then set each object for its class.  The building has many parts so that I used parent and child relationship to control it as a group. It helps easy to call each object and put them in order. For falling stars, bird and tree, I use an array list to make the process easier since it takes the same method or formula to create.

For function, moon or sun moves with cursor depends on sky background. The wheel rotating and a bird would go the opposite direction with cursor direction. While the cursor moving in different range on canvas, the lights in the building would turn on and off due to the cursor’s position to create a night to day time. Mouse click controls the tree switch on and off for electronic tree effect. Falling stars depends on mouse press and drag function. Lastly, boat on the water is an independent loop around from left to right on the canvas.

Processing has many cool libraries can create fun projects. You can check out my safe landing game that it was created in Processing as well.

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